Linear Guide Service Life Calculation and Model Selection
  Company   Date (DD/MM/YEAR)
  Address   Tel  
  Contact   Department  
  Application(Axial) Machine Model  
  Amount required per Machines      
  Sample Required Date (DD/MM/YEAR)    
  Application Drawing Provided? Yes No    
  Production Date (DD/MM/YEAR)    
Assembly Specification / Way of Assembling
Horizontal Vertical Wall Hanging Hanging on the Ceiling
Inclined (Degree: ) Inclined (Degree: )

  Rails per Axial I (1) II (2) III (3) Other
  Blocks per Rail 1 2 3 Other
Distribution of Blocks (mm) l0 (Distance Between Blocks on the same rail)
l1 (Distance Between Adjacent Blocks on different rails)
Center of Mass of load(mm) lmx lmy lmz
Mass of Load (kg) (Please include mounting plate weight)
Driver Position (mm) ldz ldy  
External Force Applying
Position (mm)
lFx lFy lFz
Axial Component (N) lFx lFy lFz
One Rail Per Axial
Two Rails Per Axial


Motion Specification
Drive Mechanism Linear Motor Ball Screw Pneumatic Cylinder Belt
Hydraulic cylinder Rack and Pinion Manual Other

Specification Stroke Distance (mm) Maximum Speed (m/sec)
Acceleration (m/sec2) Deceleration (m/sec2)
Stroke Time (sec) Frequency (hr-1)
Daily Operation Time (hr) Expected Service Life (Year)
Environment and Lubrication Requirements
Environment General lean room(Grade/Class )
Vacuum / Low Pressure
Small Amount of Dust (Substance )
Large Amount of Dust (Substance )
Liquid (Substance )
Special Gas (Substance ) Other

cpc Initial Lubrication Pre-lubricated (Regular Amount) None
Pre-lubricated (Small Amount) Other

cpc Initial Antirust Method Apply Antirust Oil On the Surface None
Apply Grease On the Surface Other

Customer Initial Lubrication cpc Grease only
In addition to cpc Grease,Inject Customer's Grease (Grease )
Remove cpc Grease And Inject Customer's Grease (Solvent )
      (Grease )

End User Relubrication Method Manual Central Oiling System
None Other

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