Environmental Safety and Measures


Healthy and safe workplace environment
Our company provides a safe and secure working environment for our employees, and we do comply with environmental safety and health regulations. In order to protect the safety and health of our employees, the following measures are in place to protect the working environment and the personal safety of our employees.

  1. ISO 14001/ISO 45001/CNS 45001 Environmental safety and health management system: To establish a set of management system, the situation and effectiveness of environmental and occupational safety and health, to enhance the environment, safety and health, to ensure the safety of employees.
  2. To identify the environmental aspects and various types of hazards that may arise in all of our activities, products and services, to assess the risk of significant environmental aspects and hazards, and to determine the priority action level and control the unacceptable environmental safety and health risks that arise or may arise in order to facilitate the planning, management and implementation of environmental and occupational safety and health management.
  3. The implementation of chemical hazard labeling has a unified specification and in line with regulatory requirements, and in the operation can effectively indicate the hazards and leak can immediately take contingency measures to prevent the occurrence of hazards, accidents and expansion.
  1. To establish a resource recovery and related management mechanism for the business waste generated in order to achieve resourcefulness, stability, harmlessness, economy and improvement of environmental hygiene in accordance with the requirements of the law.
  2. To enhance the ability of the company's personnel to respond to emergency situations and to determine the correct handling procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and the normal operation of the company, with the aim of minimizing disaster losses resulting from accidents.
  3. Regular inspection of fire safety equipment to reduce losses in the event of a disaster and to protect the personal safety of employees.
  4. To establish a "Safety and Health Code of Practice" to prevent occupational hazards, maintain employee safety and health, and ensure the normal operation of the workplace in order to achieve the goal of sustainable business operation.
  5. Set up "Safety and Health Officer" to plan and promote the company's environmental safety and health policy and management system, and check the effectiveness of the implementation. Training occupational safety specialists, including Occupational safety and health affair managers、Occupational safety management specialist 、Occupational health management specialist、Occupational safety and health management personnel、First Aiders、Fire prevention manager, to promote workplace environmental safety and health management and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  6. Annual employee health checkups are conducted on a regular basis to maintain employee safety and health.
  7. e regularly conduct the "Operating Environment Test" twice a year to grasp the actual working environment of employees and evaluate the exposure status, measure the physical and chemical factors in the environment, and improve the operating environment according to the test results to meet the regulatory requirements.
  8. Regular inspection, key inspection, operation checkpoint: according to the automatic inspection management procedures to implement automatic inspection, and through automatic inspection to review the potential hazards of the workplace, to prevent the occurrence of disasters, to protect the company's property and personnel work safety.
  9. On-site inspection: To conduct regular or unscheduled audits on plant safety and hygiene to eliminate actual or potential hazards and risks.
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