Employee benefit measures and their implementation

◆     Reward measures
(1)    Year-end bonuses.
(2)    Employee Remuneration.
(3)    Business bonuses.
(4)    Lunch and dinner allowances.
(5)    Performance bonuses / Technical allowance.
(6)    Special bonuses / Production bonuses / outstanding performance bonuses.
(7)    Operating bonuses.
(8)    R & D Patent bonuses.
(9)    Referral bonuses.
(10)  Other wage adjustment for performance mechanism and flexible reward system.
(11)  Appropriation of retirement pensions.
◆     Insurance and subsidies
(1)    Labor Insurance.
(2)    Health Insurance.
(3)    Occupational Injury Insurance.
(4)    Casualty insurance, Group insurance.
(5)    Catastrophic illness and Emergency Condolence / Subsidies, etc.
◆    Equipment
(1)    Employee Restaurant.
(2)    Free parking area.
(3)    Breast-feeding room.
(4)    Set up Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
◆    Holidays / take time off system.
(1)    2 days off a week.
(2)    Annual paid leave of absence.
(3)    Paternity leaves.
(4)    Pregnancy checkup leaves.
(5)    Family care leaves.
(6)    Female worker menstrual leaves.
(7)    Paternity checkup leaves.
(8)    Vaccine leaves.
(9)    Epidemic prevention care leaves.
◆    Others
(1)    Internal and External Education and Training for Employee.
(2)    Employee Welfare Committee.
- Holiday bonuses/Gift, Year-end party, Bonuses/Gift.
- Wedding subsidies, Hospitalized condolences, etc.
(3)    Regular physical examination.
(4)    Set up health management consultant and regular occupational physician to visit during the health consultation period.
(5)    Strengthen the knowledge and training related to industrial safety, occupational safety, fire prevention and disaster prevention for the employees, and set up self-defense fire prevention team, and conduct fire prevention advocacy and drills regularly.

Employee advanced study, training system and implementation condition:

The Company dedicates in creating the study environment for talent sustainability and excellent competitiveness improvement, specially formulates the “educational training management procedure” and “educational training operational procedure”, to cultivate the proper excellent talent via the internal and external training resource.
At present, the Company provides a series of common knowledge, professional skill and management educational trainings, to cultivate the section head and senior employees as the internal lecturer to inherit the company culture and skill, and also irregularly invite the external specialists to give instructions. In 2021, the Company held training courses with a total of 1,710 classes, total training hours nearly 141,369 hours, and total participated rate of 35,175 persons.
The training courses in 2021 include:

  • New employee educational training:

It includes the company regulations, labor, safety and health related introduction as well as the arrival guidance; every new employee has the educational trainer, to assist adapting the work environment, and getting familiar with the work content as soon as possible.

  • Common knowledge training:

It refers to the common knowledge training activity required by government decree, company policy and the whole company or all sectors at each level, such as: education of prohibition and prevention of insider trading, staff HSE educational training, safety and health training course, quality training course, factory emergency response training course, and personal performance management series course.

  • Professional training:

It refers to the technology and professional training of each unit, such as R&D course, processing course, finance and accounting course, information technology course.

  • Supervisor training:

It refers to the planning of supervisor management training and development course. The content includes the management and leadership control course as well as other supplementary courses.

  • Direct personnel training:

It refers to the training course providing the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude of technical personnel on production line, such as the machine skill training course for direct personnel.

  • Periodically make the technical evaluation and performance evaluation, positively train the reserve leaders and talents.
  • Hold the internal and external education and training related to the issue of faithful management (including faithful management comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, food safety and hygiene, inspection, accounting system and internal control systems and other related courses).

In 2021, the company organized internal and external education and training related to the issue of integrity management, so as to implement the ethical management policy and prevent dishonest behavior. Course contents included to how directors should fulfill their duty of care and fiduciary duty, accounting systems and internal control systems, confidential work, public work and violation handling. To summarize the training course situation in 2021, there were 569 people in attendance, with a total of 2,264 person-hours.

  • Internal and external education and training for accounting supervisors and auditors.





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