Remuneration policies

Implemented in accordance with Articles 21-1 of the Articles of Association, the details are below:
Article 21-1:   The company shall distribute the employees ’remuneration from 3% to 15% of the current year ’s profit status and the directors and supervisors from the current year ’s profit status of not more than 3%. But the company should make up for the accumulated losses
Employee compensation can be paid in cash or stock, and the recipients of cash or stock can include employees of subordinate companies that meet certain conditions, which are determined by the board of directors.

In addition to the Company's Articles of Incorporation, the Company also reviews and evaluates the performance and compensation policies, systems, standards and structures of managers and employees in accordance with the Company's "Remuneration Committee Charter " to ensure that the Company's compensation arrangements are appropriate, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and sufficient to attract outstanding talent, and that employees share the fruits of the Company's operations with the Company.

In the performance appraisal, employee compensation, and bonus payment of the floating mechanism, the company, departments, teams, and individuals' performance effectiveness and future development potential are considered in order to motivate talents in a timely manner and encourage the company's management team and colleagues to be more integrated into the overall operational effectiveness.



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