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Magnetic Way Encoder
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Sensor series

Magnetic Encoder

catalog Magnetic Way Encoder Download
MSS series measuring system Download
Optical Encoder OE1 series Download
Data sheet Writing__ME1__Encoder ME1 Data Sheet (Ver 1.4) Download

Magnetic Encoder Features  
dot Very small and durable design  
dot Customer-selectable resolution  
dot Including index sensor  
dot Status LED  
Magnetic Encoder Specifications  
dot Only 8 mm high, 12 mm wide, 30 mm long  
dot RS422 A/B/Z incremental output  
dot Standard resolution: 1 μm  
dot Travel speed 6 m/s @ 1 μm resolution, 20 m/s @ 5 μm resolution  
dot Operates at 5 VDC ± 10 %  
Magnetic Way Encoder
Magnetic Way Encoder Features Magnetic Way Encoder Specifications
dot No scale needed dot 19 mm high, 13 mm wide, 18 mm long
dot Very high resolution and repeatability dot RS422 A/B incremental output
dot Compatible with virtually any magnetic way dot Fault output pulling to GND during fault (max. 24 V, 600 mA)
dot Easy to install dot Travel speed 20 m/s @ 1 µm resolution
dot Status LED dot Operates at 5 VDC ± 10 %
dot Fault output  
MSS series measuring system
MSS series measuring system Features
dot Easy installation
dot Saving space
dot Cost effective and reliable
dot Dust proof
dot Guide rail range: Size 20~55
dot One piece length: 4 m Max.
Optical Encoder OE1 series
The OE1 series encoder is a high-precision optical absolute encoder. Its main feature is that the combined size is quite compact, only 4.3 mm, which can significantly save the user's installation space. In addition, the read head and the optical disc have hollow apertures, especially for designers who need hollow-aperture mechanisms. Besides, the position output format supports the BiSS interface. It can provide single-turn and
multi-turn position information simultaneously to ensure the reliability of the position feedback of the entire system. The features are as follows:
- Hollow design: There are three choices of inner diameter: 11.7, 25.1, and 38.1 mm to facilitate wiring and mechanism integration.
- Thin size: 4.3 mm (combined height)
- High resolution: 17-23 bit
- Absolute open type: BiSS-C communication format

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