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Patented silent roller chain (option)  
Improve the running smoothness, noise reduce design.
The roller chain can effectively reduce the high-frequency noise during the operation of the block and improve the running smoothness. The spacer in the roller chain between adjacent steel rollers can continuously replenish the oil film of the rollers to maintain better lubrication.
The LRR model with a lower system height  
Compared with the other brands' standard, the model with a lower center of gravity is combined with a lower height can provide more compact height space, or for the applications that need to reduce external torque and smaller inertia force.
MXL super long Block model  
It is suitable for machine tools that require ultra-high rigidity and running accuracy.
High-rigidity stainless steel reinforcement plate  

The L-shaped design is fixed on the steel body of the block with screws on the end and bottom respectively; the bottom of the steel body is provided with an integrally formed milling tenon, which firmly locks the reinforcing sheet.

Built-in lubrication storage design (patent design)  
The built-in PU lubrication storage is embedded in the revolving channel at both ends and the inner pipe of the block, which does not increase the length of the block, but can directly contact the rollers in each row. And according to the operating environment, the block is immersed in the lubricant, and the lubricant can also
be injected through the inject port, so that enough lubricant is stored in the PU lubrication storage.


Fully covered sealing design
The block of all models are equipped with contact-type "end seals", "bottom seals" and "inner seals". It can effectively prevent foreign particals, dust and wood chips from invading the block, and reduce the overflow of lubricating oil in the block.


External NBR seal with metal scraper (optional)
For environments where is full of fine dust, such as woodworking machines, glass processing machines, graphite processing machines, and grinders, it can show a high dust resistance.
Patented metal plastic cap (optional)  
The upper part of the cap made of stainless steel can show excellent wear resistance in harsh environments.


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