Standard 4-Row Ball Bearing Linear Guide Series

Acceleration test
The acceleration test is based on a slide-crank mechanism with a flywheel as the crank. The crank imparts high acceleration and speed to the block with finite stroke. By adjusting the rotational speed of the motor, the service life of the block can be determined at different accelerations and speeds.
LLRAS Calculation Online Instruction
catalog ARC/HRC/ERC Ball Type Linear Guide Series Download

dot Lubricant injection/replenish in all directions
dot Dust protection using double-wipe- blade end seals, standard and reinforced types
dot Corrosion resistant surface

dot Equal load capacity in all directions

dot Both downward-bolt and upward-bolt track rails available
dot High rigidity structure
dot Reduced lubrication requirements for environmental soundness and maintenance cost saving
The ARC/HRC/ERC Ball Type Linear Guide Series
use four rows of re-circulating steel balls arranged in O-shape and at 45º contact angle with the raceway, achieving superior load capacity and track rail rigidity. The use of larger steel balls in greater quantities helps increase the load capacity, moment capacity and rigidity.
dot Built-in lubricant storage and supply system
The internal PU lubrication storage pad design allows direct contact of the lubricant with all steel balls without adding extra length to the runner block. This ensures effective long-term lubrication for environmental soundness and maintenance cost saving. Excellent performances are
achieved with short stroke applications.
dot Dustproof design

Standard seals (S) -
Our standard seals are in direct contact with the rail surface, giving them increased dustproof and lubcrication retenion capabilities. 
cpc recommends this class of seal for blocks that operate in environments high in foreign particles, such as sawdust, for long periods of time. 
S-type seals will have a compratively higher friction then B-Type seals.

Low friction seals (B) -
Our low-friction seals have slight contact with the rail and are suitable for most environments, with both low friction and a scraper function.

dotReinforcement plate design (Patented)
Using 2 stainless steel reinforcement plates, the L type design allows for screws to be fastened onto the top and bottom of the runner block, reinforcing the rigidity and cladding of its caps.
The clearance between the rail profile with the seal design is below 0.3mm, reinforcing the steel plates while enabling scraper functions.


Vmax >10 m/s           amax >450m/s2


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