Compact Linear Motor Stage

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dot Exceptional dustproof design  

CLMS has special structural design to make the whole module dustproof. In adverse working environments, the module will perform well while there will not be any structural issue caused by bellows.

dot Exceptional compact design
CLMS has optimized the allocated space for linear motor, linear guide, and optical (magnetic)
encoder to minimize the size under thrust.

dot High reliability

CLMS's encoder is installed horizontally, thus prevents its position to be affected by external
impact and retains system precision.
dot High velocity and acceleration  
Under AC 230V, CLMS could reach highest velocity of 6m/s and an acceleration of 60m/s2. Module
with effective travel length of above 2m is available.
dot 100% Measurement
Every CLMS platform is measured by laser interferometer and other related equipment and the
reports are kept to ensure the product conforms to customer's requirements.
dot Customization
Standard CLMS comes with magnetic encoder for position feedback. We can also install optical
encoder based on customer's need for precision while retaining the same dimensions. Other
customized designs such as multi-slider, X-Y and gantry systems are available as well. 

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